MIX06: A Designer's Overview of Windows Presentation Foundation

Posted in Conferences, Companies, Graphics, Development on March 26, 2009

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Windows Presentation Foundation (formerly code named "Avalon") is Microsoft's new graphical presentation technology, with support for advanced typography and layout, rich media integration, and vector and 3D graphics. WPF changes the way designers and developers collaborate. In this designer-oriented session, learn about the processes, technologies, and design tools available for WPF applications that run in the browser or on the desktop.

Robert Ingebretsen
Robert Ingebretsen joined Microsoft in 2001 as a Program Manager on the “Avalon” team in the Windows Client Division. His focus is on Avalon controls, and, let’s face it he spends too much time contemplating Buttons, Menus and ComboBoxes. As a self-proclaimed design geek, he has also helped deliver Avalon’s theming and control styling infrastructure.

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