MIX06: Building an Interactive Community Platform with ASP.NET

Posted in Conferences, Frameworks, Web Technologies, Development, Companies on March 26, 2009

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In this session, we explore how Microsoft technologies can be used to build a cutting-edge "sticky" community platform with .NET. See examples of how RSS is used in new and creative ways, such as "secure" RSS, dynamic RSS search feeds, and aggregate blogs, in addition to real-world uses of AJAX to simply complex Web UI.

Rob Howard
Rob is a former employee of the Microsoft corporation (1998 - 2004) where he contributed to ASP.NET and served as a Technical Evangelist during the late 90s helping dot-coms adopt Microsoft's web platform. He is a frequent presenter at software developer conferences such as Microsoft's PDC and TechEd. He is also the author of several books on software development. Rob has a BBA from Baylor University and is a Dallas, TX Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft ASP.NET MVP, and an ASPInsider. Email him at rhoward@telligent.com.

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