MIX06: Windows Media: Evolving Content, Powering Amazing User Experiences, Enabling New Business Models

Posted in Conferences, Operating Systems, Companies, Development on March 24, 2009

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From HD to mobile, Windows Media technologies are enabling new content distribution models and powering the digital media user experience of tomorrow. If you care about publishing models, consumer scenarios, building rich media driven applications and want to understand the future of the Windows Media platform then this session is for you. In this session we will drill into the state of Windows Media DRM, VC-1, Windows Media Audio, Windows Media Player, Windows Vista, content distribution models and much more. If you leverage Flash Video or if you have a heavy investment in MPEG audio and video content, this session will help you understand the value of the Windows Media platform. If you are a developer or a business decision maker focused on Windows Media technologies, this session will provide you with a clear roadmap around the future of the Windows Media platform.

Eric Schmidt

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