acts_as_conference 2009: Testing as Communication, Real-World Techniques

Posted in Conferences, Development, Testing, Frameworks on March 26, 2009

This session covers how Hashrocket, an experienced Ruby on Rails consultancy, uses a wide range of real-world testing techniques and agile methodologies every day to satisfy client customer requirements. It will describe the life cycle of our testing workflow, from story capture to customer acceptance. This includes an overview of: fine-grained requirements gathering in "user story" form; how we manage stories and communicate transparently with the client using a web-based tracking tool; how story-driven development is expressed as test-driven development; and, how we enhance client/developer communication by writing plain-text tests in the vocabulary of the customer's domain. In this session, you will learn how to turn natural-language requirements into running code that both customer and developer alike can communicate around; how to express customer requirements at the appropriate levels of abstraction, from high-level integration tests all the way down to granular unit tests; and, how to properly employ the latest tools, such as RSpec, Cucumber, Selenium, Webrat, and fixture factories.

About Jon
Jon "Lark" Larkowski is a senior developer at Hashrocket. He hails from scenic Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, home of speedy Cray Supercomputers and refreshing Leinenkugel's beer. He holds an Electrical Engineering degree with Computer Science major from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has over eight years experience in web development, experience with Agile methodologies, and full-spectrum skills ranging from database management to graphic design. Following last year's career transition to Rails development, he co-created RubyJax, which is Jacksonville, Florida's Ruby & Rails user group. He rocks out on the guitar, both speed-metal-electric and unplugged-acoustic. He loves table tennis way more than a well-adjusted grown man should. He often sports a bandana, which puts him in the same category as both Axl Rose and stylish Labrador Retrievers.

Author: Jon Larkowski

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