MountainWest RubyConf 2009: Practical Puppet: Systems Building Systems

Posted in Conferences, Development, Cloud Computing on March 29, 2009

Server Configurations are often an afterthought. Configure the server once with Rails and get to the real work, right?

But what happens when there are 2 servers? 3? 5? 8? 144? Maintaining consistency becomes more difficult over time and inconsistency can significantly hinder productivity. As applications scale, there are also the inter-system configurations as tiers need to be load balanced and monitored. How to manage all that configuration?

This presentation will introduce Puppet, provide an overview of its language and resources while demonstrating Puppet usage by building representative applications and infrastructure on EC2 with Puppet code that is free and open source.

Andrew Shafer works at Reductive Labs to make Puppet more awesome. He brings with him a background in high performance computing, computational science, embedded Linux development, data warehousing, web operations, Agile methods and masquerading as a manager.

Andrew has a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and a Master’s in Scientific Computing. He has never installed Textmate, but he can use vim just as poorly as emacs. Andrew is currently blaming Ruby for making him install SLIME.

His two sons think he is pretty cool, but they are still young.

Author: Andrew Shafer

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