MountainWest RubyConf 2009: Writing Adapters for DataMapper

Posted in Conferences, Development, Databases, Frameworks on March 29, 2009

Some might think of DataMapper as a better, faster, competitor to ActiveRecord. However, they would be missing on of its greatest strengths. At its core, DataMapper provides a uniform interface on top of ANY persistance layer. All thats needed is a simple adapter class that can translate the native persitance into a simple 4-method API for DataMapper to consume. This talk will cover that API, and some best-practices on implementing an adapter. We will explore the YAML Adapter, which I will be writing for the purposes of this talk.

Paul Sadauskas is a web developer, with his current passion being Ruby. He’s managed to convinced Absolute-Performance, Inc do pay him to do what he loves, and he writes web services and GUIs for their server monitoring software for them. His current open-source projects include DataMapper, Merb, and Resourceful, an easy-to-use HTTP library that exposes everything HTTP has to offer. When he’s not coding, he enjoys hiking, backpacking & camping, and drinking beer. He lives in the mountains above Boulder with his two cats, one dog, and his wonderful girlfriend.

Author: Paul Sadauskas

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