Tekzilla #81: WD vs. Seagate: HD Media Players, Vizio's $350 Surround SoundBar, DigitalSoaps! Game Developers Conference, Crap! I Missed It!

Posted in Podcasts on March 29, 2009

SmartDefrag, Jeff Cannata from the Totally Rad Show joins us, MacBook vs. MacBook Pro vs. CS4, Never Say "Crap! I Missed It!" Again!

DigitalSoaps? Veronica Belmont gives Patrick Norton a heads up on soap in the shape of all different kinds of game controllers! NES, Xbox, Playstation, you name it. Veronica got the last blackberry one in stock! (And Patrick and Veronica both love Etsy!)

Tekzilla is doing a live audience show at Web 2.0 Expo here in San Francisco. We'll be shooting the show 3:30 PM April 2nd and hanging out afterward... If you want to catch a rare live Tekzilla... here's your chance to do so!

Our first question o' the day is all about upgrading your notebook: James is looking for better performance running CS4 and LightRoom2. Will a dedicated graphics card in a more expensive notebook make a difference? Sure, on Windows or Mac notebook, that NVIDIA GeForce 9400M will accelerate some functions in CS4, but we think you might go with a MacBook Pro over a MacBook just for the extra screen real estate ... CS4 is pretty cramped on a small screen!

That said, if you're the 'buy a notebook and run it for five years' type, you might want to hold out till later in 2009 when the Mobile Core i7, aka Clarksfield notebooks should hit the street.

WE LOVE VIDEO QUESTIONS! And they're so easy to make: record yourself in front a video camera asking a question. Make sure it's no longer than 15 seconds. Up load your question to YouTube, then email us the link to your fabulous video question with "Video Question" in the subject line. We can't wait to see your question on Tekzilla!

This week's Freebie Download is Smart Defrag, an excellent free defragging tool for your PC that includes "always-on" Auto Defrag, a scheduling tool, battery power setting for laptop users, the ability to skip files based on size, a range of startup options and the ability to auto shutdown when you have super lengthy defraggin sessions. Sweet!

Set top media players, such as Windows Media Extenders, Apple TV, Popcorn Hour, Roku... it's all about being networked, right? Not if you're Seagate or Western Digital, then it's all about selling hard drives! And hard drive players are pretty useful if you already have a large media collection, or just want to control what the kids can watch.

We mentioned the new round of Hard Drive Media Players back at CES and you've been asking for reviews, so we face off Western Digital's WD TV and Seagate's FreeAgent Theater on the show.

Can a $349 surround sound bar sound good? Yes, if it's Vizio's VSB210WS Sound Bar With Wireless Subwoofer, tho we still won't mistake a soundbar for a full 7.1 surround system.

This Week's "Website We Just Can't Get Enough of" is Crap! I Missed It! a website that allows you to keep track of your favorite musician's album releases, concerts, video games, movies, sporting events, YouTube videos, TV shows and even book releases by authors you love. Way cool, especially since no matter how many categories you subscribe to, you'll only get one email a day.

The Game Developers Conference or GDC is taking place this week... in San Francisco's Moscone Center. Totally Rad Show's Jeff Cannata is there covering the event and we asked him to give us the low down whats happening at this year.

Don't forget to catch more of Jeff on TRS... if you like movies, TV shows and video games you're gonna love The Totally Rad Show. New episodes every Tues @ 3pm eastern time!


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