GWT + Gears: The Browser is the Platform

Posted in Conferences, Development, Web Technologies, Frameworks on April 01, 2009

GWT + Gears: The Browser is the Platform

This presentation explains how and why to use GWT and Gears to create rich internet applications that can also be run off-line. GWT basics like java/javascript integration, Widgets, RPC support, unit testing, CSS, and the debugger are covered before introducing Gears as the means for off-line delivery. Together, GWT and Gears "makes your browser the platform."

Didier Girard is Chief Technology Officer of SFEIR, a Paris based consulting company. In 1994 he created a community web site for literature, and has written extensively on J2EE, server-side java applications, and GWT. He is currently working on several projects using GWT technology for GUI construction.

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