PixelPerfect #119: Design a Billboard Advertisement (Part 2)

Posted in Graphics, Internet Marketing, Podcasts on March 31, 2009

Last week, we created an energy can to be placed in a billboard. We continue this week by building the rest of the advertisement using both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Create the billboard canvas in Photoshop
Open your energy drink graphic, and copy the image into a new layer on a large Photoshop canvas.

Use Adobe Illustrator to make the billboard's background design
Bert utilizes Adobe Illustrator to create starburst-like shapes that will serve as the billboard's background design. These shapes will be imported into Photoshop when complete. The method of creating multiple angled lines is done by using the Reflect function and making manual adjustments as needed. Use Object > Join to connect your duplicated lines to create a single shape. Duplicate this shape multiple times using the Reflect function to create a starburst-looking object.

Import shapes into Photoshop and apply color
Copy and paste this path into Photoshop in a layer behind the energy can and adjust the shape as desired. Create a yellow colored gradient in another layer below the can, then make a selection using the starburst paths. In that selection, apply some green color that will contrast with the yellow gradient.

Apply styling to the can using gradients
Apply a glow to the can for additional styling. In this case, we're not going to apply a glow using layer styles. Instead, we'll make a large glow behind the can by using a white color, and creating a radial gradient that fades to transparent. This way, the glow is uniform and doesn't stick to the shape of the can. If the glow isn't strong enough, duplicate the glow layer for more intensity.

Add text to the billboard using Illustrator
Create an ellipse selection in Photoshop using the marquee tool and save this selection as a path. Copy this path and place it in Illustrator. Lock this path, then make a new path with less anchor points using the smart guides, which will help identify the boundaries of the imported path. Apply type to the rounded path and find a font that you like. You can adjust the placement of the text by dragging the handles. Copy this text back into Photoshop as pixels. Finally, apply a white stroke to the text using layer styles to complete this project.

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