PixelPerfect #120: Bizarre Uses of Merging Photos in Photoshop

Posted in Graphics, Podcasts on April 06, 2009

Photo merging allows you to put many individual photos together to create a larger image. This week, we're going to look at merging for photo solutions you may not have heard of before.

Use two images to get rid of an unwanted object
Bert uses two similar photos of a tree and it's shadow that are not exactly the same, taken only a few feet apart from each other. Layer one image on top of another, select both layers, and choose Edit > Auto-Align Layers (Auto) to distort image, making them visually aligned. Crop the image to the desired boundaries of the image. Create a layer mask on the top layer, and brush a black mask over the unwanted (black hides). Since the two images were auto-aligned, the final image appears to have no unwanted object in the shot.

Use to images to add a new object into a photo
Don't have a photographer to shoot a photo of you and your wife? Simply plan ahead when putting two objects together in a single photo using Photoshop. This example involves adding Bert's wife into a photo with him, derived from two pictures shot separately. Layer the photos on top of each other. Select both layers, and choose Edit > Auto Align Layers, as we did in the previous example. Crop the image to the desired boundaries. Create a mask on the top image, then use a brush to create a mask which will reveal the bottom layer. Apply styling such as shadows to create a realistic effect.

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