DjangoCon 2008 Keynote: Cal Henderson

Posted in Conferences, Frameworks, Development on April 12, 2009

Cal Henderson delivered a keynote titled "Why I Hate Django" at the first annual DjangoConDjango is an open source bsd licensed web framework written in python. Google has posted the keynote in its entirety to Youtube, which you can find embedded above. While the talk is humorous (and takes many jabs at rails developers) it does provide insight into what makes a good web framework. Cal is director of engineering at flickr and is an authority on how to make websites scale. He points out that most frameworks are designed to get projects off the ground quickly, but are lacking when it comes to building an even larger service. He talks about several things in django that need work and improvements that could be made. It’s really an interesting look at what it takes to go big.

Towards the end, Cal notes that django has no mascot, “I could take a framework seriously that had a mascot with magical powers.” well, that seemed to be the easiest thing to fix so avalonstar created django: the web framework for ponies with magical powers. It’s available as wallpaper on djangopony, and ruby legend, _why, has already set about debunking the magic involved.

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