DjangoCon 2008: Satchmo

Posted in Conferences, Frameworks, Development on April 12, 2009

First Core Meeting

For the first time ever, the Satchmo core development team actually met face-to-face. The panels and discussions at DjangoCon made it completely worth my time and money to attend the convention, but even had they not been so useful, the trip would have been worth it just for the chance to meet and hang out with my fellow core developers.

We decided on our “Road to 0.8 release” strategy. We’re going to clean up the code & docs, closing as many tickets as possible in the next two or three weeks. In the meantime, Jag is going to be testing his shiny new Order Admin screens. When he’s ready, we’ll release!

The 0.8 release will be pinned to Django 1.0, making it much easier for us to tell people what version of Django to use. It is getting quite old to have to repeatedly specify “rev such-and-such” to new users on the Satchmo-Users list.

Initial 1.0 Discussion

Following 0.8, we’re going to work on a six-month release cycle, trying to fairly closely follow the Django Project’s newly announced intention to start doing timed releases.

We came up with quite a list of new or modified functionality we’d like to see in 1.0, but the primary driving force is going to be a very thorough and exciting refactor of the Product Model. Our intention is to make it much easier to allow store owners and developers to create products which exactly fit the specific needs of their store.

Speakers: Chris Moffitt and Bruce Kroeze

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