Making Patterns Concrete

Posted in Conferences, Frameworks, Development on April 11, 2009

Making Patterns Concrete


The pattern movement is shifting into high gear. Not only are more patterns coming out, but they are at higher levels and have deeper meanings than ever before. Unfortunately, many developers are having problems incorporating these patterns in day-to-day development.

In this session, we will see the practical aspects of intentional, interface-based programming that are at the core of almost all advanced patterns. You will leave this session being able to write more maintainable, intention-revealing code than before.

Udi Dahan is The Software Simplist, a Microsoft Solutions Architect MVP. He is a member of the International Speakers Bureau of INETA, an International Association of Software Architects (IASA) associate, an editor for the SOA and .NET communities on InfoQ, and a Dr. Dobb's sponsored expert on Web Services, SOA, & XML.

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