Tekzilla #83: @Twitter CEO @Ev Interviewed! Solid State Drives: Buy or Wait? Best Cheap HDMI Cables, 4x6 Photo Printer Pick

Posted in Podcasts on April 11, 2009

Tekzilla Live at @Web 2.0! Evan Williams, Twitter CEO, Are SSDs ready for prime time? Best 4x6 Photo Printer, Waterproof iPhone cases, TypeTester, Free Audio Editing Software.

We had a chance to do a rare live shoot from Web 2.0 Expo!

Twitter CEO Evan Williams, aka @Ev was kind enough to join Veronica for an interview using questions you sent in!

Patrick talks about the amazingly fast Intel X25-M, unlike some drives, and why it could slow down over time...

you might not see a slow down, tho, and, the slow downs are -only- on writes, not reads and only w/ heavy use...

... if you're seriously curious about Solid State Drive performance, check out Anand's epic write up: The SSD Anthology: Understanding SSDs and New Drives from OCZ

We challenged SquareSpace to show off their tools live, so a one of their guys in New York is editing a website of someone we picked in line who needed some major revamping of their website. Check it out at tekzillalive.squarespace.com!

The Website of the Week is: Typetester.org, which lets you choose from a list of fonts, from safe fonts that work on all OSes to Windows, Mac, and even Vista default fonts. You can then change how they appear in the column, by choosing which background color you want, the column width, whether or not the text is bold... the options are very customizable. Best of all, you can see three different fonts with various options selected at the same time!

Freebie Software Pick: You keep asking for a great audio editing program... it must be time to remind everybody about the amazing Audacity! It's free. It's open source. It runs on Windows, OS X and Linux. You can mix multiple tracks, edit audio w/ cut, copy and paste, apply digital effects, remove noise, convert your records or cassettes... and a whole lot more!

Are cheap HDMI cables safe? Interesting question, Jeremy. More often than not, you won't see a difference between the cheapest cable at MonoPrice.com (we own a lot of their low priced cables) and some platinum plated $400 thing from the audiophile shop... but if you want a great source of branded certified cables -they even have American made cables- check out BlueJeansCable.com. (Like MonoPrice, they've got just about every kind of AV cable under the sun!)

Mark's shopping for a new 4x6 photo printer. Epson's PictureMate is our favorite. It's still the printer to beat according to our fave printer reviewer, PCMag.com's M. David Stone. He gave us a heads up on Canon's Selphy CP760 and 780, a low cost (and very compact) series for 4x6 dye sublimation printers.

Looking for a printer? Check out more of David's printer reviews.

How do you waterproof your iPhone? You could try a gallon ZipLock bag, @Tartalk, but we've got some better ideas for you in the show... and many of the companies have cases for iPods, too.

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