Developer Profiles - Paul Hammant (ThoughtWorks) on AppEngine

Posted in Companies, Development on April 16, 2009

Last week we had a number of exciting announcements at Campfire One ( We've received a lot of good feedback so far. We've heard from developers who were excited about cron support, intrigued by the Google Secure Data Connector and pleased with database import. However, most of the excitement has been reserved for the new integrated development environment which was created through the marriage of Google-Web-Toolkit (GWT), Google App Engine for Java and the Google Plugin for Eclipse. Web app developers can now not only write both client and server code using the familiar Java language, but they can share & reuse code between client and server.

I wanted to capture some real world developer feedback, so as part of our Developer Profiles series I sat down with Paul Hammant of ThoughtWorks to discuss his first impressions with the platform. As Paul continues to tinker with the platform you can of course follow him on his blog.

If you have a compelling application that you've written with Google App Engine and GWT I'd like to hear about it. Send me an email at

You can watch the entire Developer Profiles series at:

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