MIX09: A Lap around Microsoft .NET Services

Posted in Conferences, Frameworks, Companies, Development, Cloud Computing on April 18, 2009

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Come learn how to use .NET Services as building blocks for Web-based and hosted applications. Hear about the next generation of messaging, data, access control, and workflow services, and how developers can compose these .NET Services to create applications in the cloud and connect them with on-premises systems.

Todd Holmquist-Sutherland

John Shewchuk

John Shewchuk, a Microsoft Technical Fellow, leads the architecture and strategy teams focused on extending Microsoft’s .NET application development technologies to the Internet “cloud.”

Shewchuk works in Microsoft’s Connected Systems Division (CSD) where he leads the technical strategy team. Over the last several years Shewchuk and his team have developed a wide range of Internet-based application messaging and identity federation technologies. Additionally, he was a co-founder of the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) team and has been a key contributor to cross-industry interoperability initiatives. Working in conjunction with others on his team, Shewchuk developed Web services specifications and managed technical collaborations with IBM, Sun, SAP, and many others. He also has been a key leader and contributor to Microsoft’s efforts in federated identity, access control, and privacy.

Previously, Shewchuk worked on Microsoft's development tools and runtimes and played a key role in the development of Visual Studio and .NET. Earlier in his career, he played a role in the development of many Internet technologies including stylesheets, browser behaviors and Web server controls.


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