MIX09: A Lap around Windows Internet Explorer 8

Posted in Conferences, Web Technologies, Companies on April 18, 2009

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Internet Explorer is back! Hear the inside story behind the development of Internet Explorer 8, and see how to develop innovative user experiences with Web Slices, Accelerators, and Visual Search. Discover nearly twenty new security enhancements that make browsing safer than ever, and find out about performance improvements that will help you build faster AJAX applications. Finally, see why Internet Explorer 8 is one of the most standards-compliant Web browsers on the market.

Giorgio Sardo

Giorgio Sardo is a Technical Evangelist in Microsoft Corporation. Moving from Italy to the United States, he studied at Polytechnic of Turin and successfully obtained a Master of Computer Engineering with distinction. Before joining Microsoft, Giorgio leaded a national university community forum in Italy and won the Imagine Cup worldwide championship. He started his experience in Microsoft UK as User Experience Consultant, delivering stunning solutions based on Silverlight, WPF and Mobile and presenting several sessions at Microsoft conferences. In 2008 he has been nominated Best Consultant of the Year from the British Computer Society. Early 2009 Giorgio moved to Redmond, where he currently focuses on Web Client technologies, such as Internet Explorer and ASP.Net AJAX. His blog is blogs.msdn.com/Giorgio.

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