MIX09: A Website Named Desire

Posted in Conferences, Companies, Graphics on April 19, 2009

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Come learn about "A Website Named Desire", an infographic that celebrates the chaotic Web design process as it exists today as well as an honest exploration of the "real" Web design process through the lens of a recently launched MIX Online site. Hear about the practical lessons and notable experiences during the design and development of MIX Online from sketch to full-featured site.

Nishant Kothary

Nishant is a Senior Evangelist at Microsoft where, depending on the time of day, he plays developer, designer, marketer or some convoluted combination of the three. He is very passionate about the Web and UX and has a better part of his career innovating on all things related to those two topics. Before joining Microsoft, Nishant worked as a Program Manager at Amazon.com where he was instrumental in the launch of Amazon’s 35th product category, Amazon Unbox Video Downloads. He then spent some time working on the Amazon Kindle team. Prior to that, Nishant developed and taught courses at Purdue University on subjects ranging from web design fundamentals to object oriented programming in Flash, and also coauthored a couple of books on Flash. Nishant has an educational background that marries design and computer science; he holds B.S. degrees in Computer Science & Interactive Media Design from Purdue University. He helps organize and presents at national and international conferences on computer graphics, web technologies and design, such as, the annual ACM SIGGRAPH Conference, Conference on Designing for User Experience, Webmaster Jam Session, MIX, Web Design World and others. Nishant lives in Kirkland, WA with his wife Pita, their extremely vocal tabbies, Izzy and Mango, and Yoshi, their Weimaraner puppy. You can also find him at www.rainypixels.com.

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