MIX09: Build Applications on the Microsoft Platform Using Eclipse, Java, Ruby and PHP!

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Come hear how Microsoft has delivered multiple technologies that focus on interoperability with non-Microsoft and Open Source technologies. Learn how to use the Eclipse tools today to build Silverlight applications that run on PCs and Macs, how to develop using combinations of Java, Ruby and PHP in addition to the standard Microsoft languages, and how Microsoft's commitment to openness with the Azure Services Platform and the use of claims-based identity supports heterogeneous identity systems.

Vijay Rajagopalan

Vijay Rajagopalan is a Principal Architect in the Microsoft Interoperability team with the Platform & Interoperability Strategy division at Microsoft. His team is chartered to create & drive Interoperability Initiative across the company. His team collaborates with the Standards & Competitive Strategy teams at Microsoft on a number of projects – some recent interoperability efforts that were driven by his team include the Silverlight Tools for Eclipse, Cross Platform SDK for Azure Services Platform, OpenXML, Federated Identity & CardSpace.

Vijay has about 15 years of experience in the enterprise space, has worked with customers and partners such as Oracle, SAP, Siebel, Intel, Fujitsu, Microfocus, Accenture among others; he has been at Microsoft for over 10 years, most of it in the enterprise space and spent 3 years as a Architect for Visual Studio Extensibility. His areas of interest are broadly in Software + Service, Formats & Protocol Interoperability, Federated Identity, data management, Domain Specific Languages, management of metadata and operational management but most of all in driving business value from technology investments.

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