MIX09: Building a Rich Social Network Application

Posted in Conferences, Frameworks, Companies, Graphics, Development on April 15, 2009

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Learn how to build a social networking site using Microsoft Silverlight. See how to mash up existing services, how to tag and store data in back-end services, and how to build a rich and engaging experience.

Gilbok Lee

As CTO, of Huge Flow Corporation, Gilbok Lee is leading RIA Service Team, and his team focuses on Silverlight and Mashups (esp. Live Map), trying to apply those to SNS. Prior to founding Huge Flow, he studied Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at Seoul National University and worked for PCB Industries for 5 years as an MFC Programmer developing PCB CAD/CAM. For pleasure, he enjoys putting boiled rice into milk.

Miho Heo

The Product/PJT manager of Hugeflow - MIHO, with years of industry experience, had worked in product planning & development for Samsung electronics and was responsible for Yahoo! Korea international PM. Also she founded weenu Inc. (Art community) in 2006.

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