MIX09: Building Accessible RIAs in Microsoft Silverlight

Posted in Conferences, Frameworks, Companies, Graphics, Development on April 21, 2009

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Learn how to maintain compliance with a growing number of accessibility standards (including 508 in the U.S., WCAG 2.0, and others) by using Silverlight to produce fully accessible RIAs that are policy compliant. See how to use the new User Interface Automation (UIA) technology included in Silverlight by walking through the design and development decisions made when building Buttercup, a Silverlight based DAISY talking book reader.

Reed Shaffner

Chris Auld

You can usually find Chris Auld at events around the world by walking up the stack from his crazy yellow shoes. Chris is the Director of Strategy and Innovation (and too much travel) at Intergen, a Microsoft specialist consultancy based out of New Zealand. Chris travels the world enthusing others about technology. Trained as a lawyer but quickly realizing that it wasn’t much fun- he instead spent his formative years architecting Software as a Service applications for a Dot Com era company and building factory automation systems that to this day make some of the finest chocolate bars in the world. Chris has expertise that spans the Microsoft platform from the new Azure Platform to mainstay enterprise products such as Sharepoint and Dynamics CRM. As a Microsoft Regional Director Chris spends a bunch of time working with the development community around the world and providing their feedback up to Microsoft.

In his spare time Chris enjoys adventure sports such as whitewater kayaking, mountain biking and back-country skiing as well as playing records on turntables to throngs of enthusiastic party goers or usually just to the dog.

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