MIX09: C# for Designers

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Having some programming knowledge as an interactive professional can set you apart from the rest. Come learn the essentials of C# for creating interactivity in Microsoft Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation in this session, and add another weapon to your design arsenal.

Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith is vice president of Aquent Graphics Institute (AGI), the training division of Aquent. Jennifer is the author of more than ten books on electronic publishing, including Dummies books on Web, interactive, and digital imaging software. She has more than two decades of design experience and delivers training for interactive, web, and creative organizations around the world. Prior to founding AGI she worked in advertising as an art director. Jennifer bridges the gap between technical and creative, working easily with both developers and designers. She has a unique ability to translate technical skills to address business issues, allowing organizations to use creative technology to achieve their business objectives. She developed the first ever Silverlight for Designers training program, which has been presented at interactive agencies around the world and also for designers at Microsoft’s headquarters. Jennifer’s has also created many Silverlight training tutorials that prepare users for the PhizzPop Design Challenge.

Fred Gerantabee

Fred Gerantabee is an Emmy award winning interactive designer, web developer and author based in New York City, and serves as training manager for Aquent Graphics Institute (AGI). Prior to joining Aquent, Fred was an interactive producer with ABC/Disney Interactive, working on ITV applications for hit shows such as Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, the Academy Awards and Toon Disney’s JETIX Cards Live. Fred is the author of several books web and interactive technologies, and works extensively in helping bridge the gap between designers and developers. You can find his tutorials on the PhizzPop Design Challenge site as he dissects some of his Silverlight video game projects, helping users understand how to customize and skin games. While he geeks-out with the best developers creating Silverlight and other interactive projects, he gets his creative juices cranking with his guitar and band as he plays weekend gigs around New York City.

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