MIX09: Deep Zoom++ : Build Dynamic Deep Zoom Applications with Open Source

Posted in Conferences, Frameworks, Companies, Graphics, Development on April 16, 2009

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Find out about Jellyfish, a collection of modules that you can install on your server to give your customers the ability to build, modify, and create Deep Zoom collections and provide useful Silverlight functions to developers. Hear about how the service has been used on real Web sites, and learn how to build your own server-side, scalable, easy to use enterprise Deep Zoom Solution.

Allan Li

Allan Li is the founder and lead creative development for Next Experience Interactive(http://www.nxmix.com) which provides its clients the highest quality digital marketing, software ,and rich application solutions. Allan is a Microsoft Expression MVP. He has 10 years experience in web and software design. With his wide range of skills in both design and development, he is passionate about design, usability, technology and delivery of next-generation web application solutions.

Ken Azuma

Ken Azuma has dedicated the most of his work life to Rich?Internet Application development project using various RIA technologies. He is working like catalyst to blend the designer, developer and business decision maker areas of RIA project.

After years of considering how developers and designers can work together to deliver a high quality product, Ken's perspective on RIA development has widened from that of a programmer to that of an architect. Ken inspires talented people from across the developer and designer communities with his vision of RIAs and the possibilities they offer.

As senior experience architect at 2ndFACTORY Japan, his enthusiasm for Rich Internet Application will result in more bridges being built between the designer and developer worlds and more inspirational RIAs when the talents of these two groups are brought together. And now he convinced about importance of business Aspect of RIA, is thinking about project workflow and results that be appreciated by business decision maker, too.

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