MIX09: Delivering Media with Internet Information Services 7 (IIS) Media Services and Microsoft Silverlight

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See how to deliver media with the best user experience in a cost-effective, scalable, and highly manageable way. Learn how to expand your reach and improve quality using Smooth Streaming, how to save on bandwidth, and how to maintain control when using Progressive Download. Understand how IIS Media Services and WMS light up the media ecosystem from encoding to playback.

John Bishop

John Bishop is a co-founder of Inlet Technologies and currently serves as Inlet’s senior VP of strategy and business development. He is recognized as a digital video industry expert with well over a decade of experience in the digital media space. Under Mr. Bishop’s leadership, Inlet has grown from industry pioneer to industry leader, and has developed strong partnerships with other leading companies in the space, including Microsoft, Akamai and Adobe. Mr. Bishop’s strategy at Inlet has been to focus on development of products that offer greater automation, higher media production capacity, greater efficiency and an overall higher quality of media experience. He has emphasized the development of software that minimizes an organization’s need for onsite video encoding expertise. Prior to joining Inlet, John served as the Director of Business Development and Product Management for Osprey Technologies (acquired by ViewCast Corporation). There, he identified and developed key market partnerships and opportunities resulting in multiple consecutive revenue growth quarters. He has contributed to numerous digital media publications, and authored white papers and industry presentations.

John Bocharov

John A. Bocharov is a Program Manager on Microsoft's IIS team, with a focus on Smooth Streaming and related Media technologies. After graduating from UC-Berkeley with a degree in Bioengineering, he opted to heed the call of Software and signed on with a small dot-com in San Francisco. He joined Microsoft in 2005 as a part of the Data Programmability team, where he delivered the Data Access Components for Windows Server 2008 and helped define the 1st release of the SQL Server Driver for PHP. John has been in his current Media-focused role for a year. He encourages listeners to follow up on any questions they may have by posting a comment on his blog (http://blogs.iis.net/jboch).

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