MIX09: Developing RESTful Services and Clients with "M"

Posted in Conferences, Web Technologies, Companies, Development on April 18, 2009

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Learn how Web developers can use "M", a new language for describing data, metadata and domain specific languages, to enhance RESTful services like HTTP, JSON, RSS/Atom, and more. Also see how "M" can be used on premise or in the cloud to achieve greater development productivity and to create more compelling customer experiences.

Chris Sells

Douglas Purdy

Douglas Purdy is a product unit manager (Silicon Valley translation: Director of Engineering) at Microsoft working on next-generation languages and tools to broaden the franchise of people building applications. His vision is to “to make everyone a programmer (even if they don’t know it)”. Previously, Douglas was the group program manager for the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF/Indigo), Windows Workflow Foundation (WF/WinOE), ASP.Net Web Services (ASMX) and .Net Remoting teams. Douglas has been with Microsoft, on and off, since 1998 where he has worked in consulting, evangelism and engineering.

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