MIX09: Interactive Prototyping with DHTML

Posted in Conferences, Web Technologies, Companies, Graphics, Development on April 19, 2009

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Prototyping can be challenging. Especially prototyping in DHTML. But over the last few years a number of tools, techniques, libraries and frameworks have emerged making the task easier. Drawing from years of experience at companies such as Yahoo! and Netflix, come hear Bill Scott discuss these solutions and best practices for laying out pages rapidly, injecting interactive behavior and simulating data for prototyping your Web applications in DHTML.

Bill Scott

Bill Scott has always enjoyed technology (25 years). And he has always enjoyed people (even longer). It was a natural to blend the two loves together. For a long time he couldn't decide if he was a designer or an engineer. He finally gave up trying to classify himself and just decided to live in both worlds as much as possible. This passion has led him to found user experience teams (Sabre), build Ajax frameworks (OpenRico) lead engineering organizations (Netflix), found design pattern libraries (Yahoo!), talk a lot about it (Ajax Evangelist) and even write a book about Designing Web Interfaces (O'Reilly).

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