MIX09: Measuring Social Media Marketing

Posted in Conferences, Companies on April 21, 2009

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Come hear about some of the new challenges with measuring social media marketing including word-of-mouth, comments on blogs, connections in social networks, questions in support forums, and tags on online media. Learn about where to focus online marketing efforts as the social Web grows in importance over the coming years.

Jason Burby

Jason Burby is the Chief Analytics & Optimization Officer for ZAAZ, a Web business design consultancy specializing in thoughtful, data-driven solutions across a wide industry spectrum for long-term, multi-national clients across the U.S. Jason is also co-author of “’Actionable Web Analytics: Using Data to Make Smart Business Decisions,” the leading text in the field of Web analytics. His primary role at ZAAZ is guiding clients through the process of implementing a variety of Web analytics tools, such as site performance monetization, scorecards, and A/B & Multivariate testing, to improve site business results, leverage new-found efficiencies and realize long-term business goals. His client roster includes Microsoft, Nike, eTrade, Ford, Sony, PayPal/eBay, Palm, Williams Sonoma, Expedia, Reuters, T-Mobile, Converse, Intel and Motorola, among others. He is a frequent lecturer at conferences and seminars around the world as the Web industry’s leading advocate in Web analytics and the effective use of visitor data toward improved site performance. In addition to the book, he has written extensively about Web analytics and its implications in the future Internet as a contributor to a number of texts over the years. In addition he has written a regular column on ClickZ.com on Web Strategy & Web Analytics for the past 5 years.

Ryan Turner

Ryan Turner leads social media efforts for ZAAZ, an interactive marketing agency implementing web channel strategies for clients around the US. Combining business analysis with customer research and leading-edge creative, Ryan develops marketing strategies and web architectures for companies leading the way in responding to the shifting media landscape. He’s worked with Boeing, Microsoft, Helio, Tom’s of Maine, REI, Converse, Sony, and others to find innovative ways to engage customers in co-creating value. Ryan blogs at www.websocialarchitecture.com.

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