MIX09: Microsoft Silverlight Media End-to-End

Posted in Conferences, Companies, Graphics, Development on April 21, 2009

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Hear how Silverlight and the Microsoft Web Platform make it easier to create compelling and engaging media experiences including optimizing and delivering content in a flexible and cost-effective way. Learn about the tools and out-of-box templates that make it easier than ever to get started in the Media space, to get the most out of your existing media deployments, and to enable designers, developers, and media experts to work together. Also see how Silverlight, Microsoft Expression Studio, and Internet Information Services (IIS) Media Services work individually or as an integrated best-of-breed Media platform.

Alex Zambelli

Alex Zambelli is a Media Technology Evangelist for Microsoft. Most recently his focus has been on Web media strategies and consulting on key Silverlight partner deployments such as NBC Olympics 2008 and Akamai SmoothHD. Alex has been closely involved with digital media technology development at Microsoft for over 6 years. He tested and developed software on product teams that delivered Windows Media Player 9, Windows Media Player 10 Mobile and VC-1 codecs before finally putting his hands-on experience to use as a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft VC-1 Encoder. Alex was instrumental in ensuring VC-1 codec's continued adoption and success in the streaming media industry.

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