MIX09: Miss March and Other Distractions

Posted in Conferences, Frameworks, Companies, Graphics, Development, Internet Marketing on April 15, 2009

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Don't miss Vertigo's tour of three major Microsoft Silverlight applications, including PlayboyArchive.com, KEXP and more. Highlights include Deep Zoom, Live Video, "Blendability" tips, VSM hacks, perspective transforms, SEO and deep linking tips for SL2 and SL3, out-of-browser and disconnected experiences, and more.

Scott Stanfield

Scott Stanfield is the CEO of Vertigo, a design and development agency in the San Francisco area. In 2008, Microsoft awarded Vertigo the Microsoft Partner of the Year for their ground-breaking Silverlight work on the Hard Rock Memorabilia experience. Other notable Silverlight projects include the Democratic National Convention in 2008, the Presidential Inauguration and CBS March Madness. Oh, and the MIX 2009 site.

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