MIX09: What's New in Microsoft SQL Data Services

Posted in Conferences, Frameworks, Databases, Companies, Development on April 19, 2009

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Come hear how SQL Data Services is evolving to provide rich relational database capabilities and how easy it is to take existing database applications and extend them to the cloud. Learn how SQL Data Services provides highly available and scalable relational database storage and capabilities while allowing you to leverage existing SQL Server knowledge, protocols, client libraries and tools. Hear about our plans to accelerate delivery of the key relational data capabilities you've asked for through a service endpoint that directly supports the T-SQL language and the Tabular Data Stream (TDS) communications protocol as well as our rich support for breadth and open source development languages, frameworks and client libraries.

Nigel Ellis

Nigel Ellis is responsible for the design, development, and release of SQL Data Services. His passion extends to all things data and ensuring the delivery of trustworthy, highly reliable data storage systems. Nigel joined Microsoft in 1993 where he initially focused on delivery of desktop database software and later as a founding member of the SQL Server 7.0 team where he’s been working since. Nigel likes to “roll up the sleeves” and jump into the trenches to get the job done. He’s particularly passionate about problems that most people would shy away from and has found his match in the Services space.

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