PixelPerfect #122: Lighting for 3D Models

Posted in Graphics, Podcasts on April 20, 2009

Architects and engineers will love this episode about 3D lighting. Bert demonstrates how to add lighting to a 3D model car.

Obtain a 3D model car and add lighting
Download a 3d model from the web. You can often find these for free. In the 3d control panel, scale, rotate and position the car to your desired working size. Open the 3d (Lights) panel and you can adjust the Infinite lights to brighten or darken the color of the car. Changing the color of the light source can also make the paint of the car appear as a different color.

Illuminate the inside of your 3D model car
A Point Light can be applied to car inside the cabin. This will illuminate the interior of the car like a light bulb.

Add texture and reflection to a 3D model
In the 3d (Materials) panel, you can load a texture through the Environment tool. You can load a photo and it will be reflected on the 3d model, much like a moving vehicle through a neighborhood like San Francisco. As you rotate your model, the reflection changes accordingly.

Check out the inside of your 3d Model
The Cross Section functionality in the 3d (Scene) panel can create a plane that splits your 3d model in half, allowing you to see the insides of your 3d model. Adjust the intersection, offset, and tilts upon the X, Y, or Z axis to change your view.

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