Meet the GIMP #20: Easy Animation

Posted in Graphics on April 21, 2009

Meet the GIMP #20: Easy Animation

Gimp can produce animated GIF files. It’s easy, if you understand that each layer is one image in a stack. It is shown for a short time and then replaced by the next one.

Further tips by YOU!

(from Retro): You don't need to flatten the blending images. Just slide the Opacity to the right level, then use the menu ( EDIT - Copy Visible) and in your base image press STRG+V and the new layer button to get this in a layer.

(From GS): There's an option called blend in the menu Filters->animation which does the same basic thing. After you've decided the number of frames a script produces the mixed layers.

This time there are no files for downloading - just “steal” them from here as described in the video. Explore the annoying one on top of this entry, it uses the “optimization” option you’ll find in the animation menue. It didn’t made the show, but you’ll find your way around.


00:23 Welcome
00:35 New feed
01:44 Linux Phototgraphy blog
03:15 The basics of animation
05:20 Examine an example
06:23 Indexed colour map
07:30 Look at the frames (layers)
09:55 Creating a new animation
13:04 Put the images into RGB mode
15:00 Start assembling
15:45 Blend images together
18:45 Playing the animation
19:00 Name the layers to control the speed
23:50 Save as GIF and index the colour map
25:59 The Panorama Challenge
27:47 The End
TOC made by paynekj

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