Meet the GIMP #23: Colours, Colors and Dialogs

Posted in Graphics on April 21, 2009

Meet the GIMP #23: Colours, Colors and Dialogs

GIMP offers you 9 different ways to select a colour for foreground and background. I try to make sense of them. Perhaps it’s a bit too long winded? Please comment on that here or write me a mail. I need YOUR input for thinking about where to go in the next year.

I have prepared some example images for the different colour modes. They didn’t made it into the show - but here they are anyway.

The image has been split up into the three RGB channels. Black is 0, white 255.

The image has been split up into the three HSV channels. You see, HSV may be more intuitive for selecting a colour, but the hue and saturation channel look very strange.

The image is made with a Nikon D70 pinhole camera. I drilled a hole through the body cap, covered it with aluminium foil and punched a pinhole into the foil.

Some links:


00:23 Welcome
01:10 About colour
03:07 Colour spaces
06:40 Selecting colours in Gimp
07:05 - Scales
10:46 - Wheel
11:56 - Gimp
13:19 - Watercolour
14:15 - Palette
14:40 - CMYK
18:51 Foreground and Background colours
20:30 Colour Picker
21:40 Meet the gimp Photogroup on 23hq
26:28 The End
TOC made by paynekj

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