Meet the GIMP #24: Lots of Panoramas and a Phat Batch

Posted in Graphics on April 22, 2009

Meet the GIMP #24: Lots of Panoramas and a Phat Batch

In this show you’ll see all the panorama shots you sent in for the Panorama Challenge in Episode 019 in a slideshow with music from I play “Samurai Story” from shockshadow. I have asked Chris Marquardt from Tips from the Top Floor, Happy Shooting, Photocast Network and other stuff to give me a random number for drawing the winner.

For preparing the images for the slideshow I used Phatch, a Python based image batch processor. Found at Joel’s website (were else - I promise the next show will be completely without Joel. ). And of course I show you how to work with Phatch.

Then I ask for help.

First for my friend Lee in Florida. Lee has owned and operated her own printing company for over 20 years, and in that time has handled everything that goes into running your own business, from sales and estimating to typesetting and graphic design, to scheduling, inventory, quality assurance, office and staff management, customer service and accounts receivable. If you happen to have any connections in the printing/publishing industry and can suggest any leads, please email her directly at .

I need help with learning enough Python to write scripts for GIMP. Do you know a good site or other ressource? Mail me!

Do you want to give some input into this site? News from Open Source programs that fit the target group? Tips and tricks not on the show? Mail me and I’ll give you an account for the blog.

Do you have a good idea what to do with GIMP? Make a screencast and I’ll publish it. I’ll write some advice for screen recording down in the next weeks. BTW, the best running show for now is Joseph’s panorama show.


00:23 Welcome
00:40 What’s on today
01:25 Panorama challenge slideshow
08:30 Interview with Chris Marquardt
15:20 Panorama Challenge Winner
18:00 Phatch - batch processing
28:13 Requests for help
32:34 The End
TOC made by paynekj

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