Meet the GIMP #31: A double face and more selections

Posted in Graphics on April 22, 2009

Meet the GIMP #31: A double face and more selections

Today I have two videos made by viewers of “Meet the Gimp!”.

Torsten Kunkel made a video about the image on the left side. He had two passport images of a person taken 40 years apart. One with age 17, the other now. And he combined them in one image, showing what changes and what stays constant.

I added some tips about an easier way to paint the dividing line and about ways to further improve this image.

Michael Schönitzer sent in the scond video. He shows how to fit a selection around an object on a uniform background. Of course I had to try it too.

You’ll her a lot of rumbling noises. I have new microphone stands and forgot to isolate them acoustically from the desktop. Too much clutter…. Sorry.

You can find the files used by Torsten here on the Download Page.

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