Meet the GIMP #37: The Two Minute Holiday Shot Edit

Posted in Graphics on April 22, 2009

Meet the GIMP #37: The Two Minute Holiday Shot Edit

I was in Berlin for four days last week. And I only took a point and shoot digital camera with me. So this episode covers quick editing of holiday pictures, done in two minutes.

In this short time one can only do the basic stuff. And so I give you some easy recipes for getting more out of your snapshots. If you take this small amount of time, your images will get a lot better.

  • Rotate them, so that they are level
  • Adjust the perspective to get these falling lines out
  • Find a good crop
  • Adjust the contrast with the curves tool, applying an S-curve helps in most cases
  • Double the layer and use a layer mask to apply your edits only to a part of the image. Get more light into a dark corner or dim down a bright spot
  • Double the layer and use overlay or screen mode to change the overall contrast in an image. Use the opacity slider to adjust the strength of this effect. Try other modes, sometimes they work really good.

Don’t forget the challenge! Make a monochrome image and post it in our photogroup at 23 and be sure to use the tag “mtg-monochrome”. The challenge ends March 31 1600GMT and I’ll draw a winner by random choice.

You can find the image used in this episode here on the Download Page

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