Meet the GIMP #41: Is it a Hammer?

Posted in Graphics on April 24, 2009

Meet the GIMP #41: Is it a Hammer?

This week I am too lazy to make a show. So I have outsourced the work to heathenx from the famous Inkscape Screencast. Even more exploiting him, I asked for a vector based SVG version of the “Meet the GIMP!” logo. I made the original logo with GIMP, thinking it was the right tool. I found out, that I had used a screwdriver to hit a nail. In this case Inkscape is the tool of choice.

The image on top of this post is a composite (made with GIMP) out of 5 different exports from heathenx’s file. 1500, 300, 150, 49 and 15 pixel in diameter. Each one is perfectly rendered - nothing that I could do with scaling and sharpening in GIMP. The small one here was done with GIMP, he has a lot less detail.

After heathenx’s tutorial I can’t resist and try to explain the difference between raster and vector images.

You can find the image used in this episode here on the Download Page. The SVG file of Wilber can be found on Carol’s tutorial page.

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