Meet the GIMP #42: Don’t Panic!

Posted in Graphics on April 24, 2009

Meet the GIMP #42: Don’t Panic!

The show starts with a live view at Gimp 2.5.0. Tobias Jakobs sent me a video about some new features and I add another one. This is alpha software, keep away if you are not helping with debugging. And never do “real work” with it.

Tobias Jakobs is well known in the German Gimp community for winning an image manipulation contest ahead of all the Photoshoppers.

Seefeld is in a nice area, as you can see from the aerial view. A lot of fresh air and the sea near by. We had not enough time for long walks but I could grab the shot above. You’ll see how I made that out of a pretty boring original image with a bit of curves and the healing tool. You can download the original and the processed shot in their full size at

You all know Joseph AKA bluemojo. He covers the Foreground Select Tool and shows all the details. He also has a link covering the SIOX algorithm behind it. For all concerned minds - he dug his three girls out before the tide came in.

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