Meet the GIMP #43: Brand New and Stone Age

Posted in Graphics on April 24, 2009

Meet the GIMP #43: Brand New and Stone Age

Brand new tech- nology meets stuff from the Stone Age, ehm… the 70’s.

Rawstudio’s 1.0 release sits on the lab bench for a test run. I am impressed by the workflow and the overall appear- ance. The output in the video has some noise in it, but that was my fault.

I had my camera set up to store a RAW and a JPEG image and have put both files and the camera profile into the companion file to this episode. Now you can try to get a better image out of the RAW file than the processor of a Nikon D200.

In a lot of discussions and tutorials you read the term “lith” or “lith film”. One is running in the photogroup at 23.hq. I found an old box with real lith film and take you back some decades while describing how I have worked with these sheets of plastic.

Then I try to rebuild one of the effects that were done with lith film in GIMP. I just emulate the effect, but I am working on a process to really simulate the process done with film. You can find the file to this part of the podcast also in the companion file.

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