Meet the GIMP #45: The Right Colours! (nearly…..)

Posted in Graphics on April 24, 2009

Meet the GIMP #45: The Right Colours! (nearly…..)

Today there will be something different for your ears first - thanks to John Pazdan. I like his stuff very much!

Inspired by this discussion in the “Meet the GIMP!” Photogroup at 23hq, I tackle the begin- nings of monitor calibration. For an in depth look go to the page of Norman Koren

You can use this web page from Cambridge in Colour for a start. Then there are tools like Monica for correcting your display.

The DQ tool for getting better prints can be found at the site of the Photo Industrie Verband. Scroll down at the right sidebar and you’ll find it at the bottom. (Have I ever told you how much I like pages without the possibility of a direct link…..)

All this can be helpful for the amateur. But keep in mind that it is no replacement for a complete colour managed workflow. If you really need that, then you have to invest in some serious hardware and time for setting that up. Joel Cornuz has a series of articles covering the Linux aspects of colour management. Perhaps some of you can share links to sites for MacOS and Windows.

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