Meet the GIMP #51: Contrasts from Belize

Posted in Graphics on April 25, 2009

Meet the GIMP #51: Contrasts from Belize

As I should have known, Belize is a small country in middle America. Next to Mexico and Nicaragua. I should have known because our fair traded Bananas are from Belize. But this video is not about Bananas, it’s about this image made in the shadow on a bright tropical day.

You see the problems in the original top-left. The background is a bit too bright  and the woman way too dark. But two layers in overlay mode of an inverted desaturated copy of the image helped a lot. The final touches came by applying a layer for dodging and burning, also in overlay mode, and painting on it in white. All Croat to you? (Not Greek this week, see this blog entry.…) No problem, after the video you’ll understand.

Overlay mode does strange things, even the explanation in the help pages is a bit cryptic: “Overlay mode inverts the pixel value of the lower layer, multiplies it by two times the pixel value of the upper layer, adds that to the original pixel value of the lower layer, divides by 255, and then multiplies by the pixel value of the original lower layer and divides by 255 again.” I’ll think about a way to get that a bit easier to swallow.

The Linux Darkroom is an interesting collection of links and program descriptions. Definitely worth to look at - and perhaps you have something to add.

You can find the file used in this episode at the usual place.


00:18 Off to Croatia - Slobodni Festival 2
02:02 The Linux Darkroom
02:40 Geography Lesson
03:22 High contrast image from Belize
06:04 - Try curves adjustment
07:48 - Overlay layer
08:47 - Overlay in monochrome
11:36 - Selective tweaking
17:12 Thoughts about episodes 50 and 49
20:39 The End
TOC made by paynekj

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