Meet the GIMP #52: Clear the Sky!

Posted in Graphics on April 25, 2009

Meet the GIMP #52: Clear the Sky!

I shot this image on my way to Cakovec from the airplane over the Chiemsee. That is a famous lake in Bavaria. We were already so high in the air that serious haze made the image flat. It’s the one at the bottom of the image in this post.

In this episode I show how to get rid of the haze by using the curves or levels tool. And of course I have a way using layers. A layer copy in burn mode takes a lot of the haze away. Further fine tuning involves a layer mask and an overlay layer copy.

EDIT: Mathias ( pointed me to an error in the layers version. The last overlay layer didn’t work well. I used a copy of the base image - I should have used a copy of the visible image after all the burning. “Edit|Copy Visible” and then “Edit|Paste” and setting the floating layer to a new layer by “Layer|New Layer” would have done the job. This image here is done that way:

Now one could start to lighten the cloud shadow in the forrest and water a bit and correct or enhance the vignetting made by the camera….. But this is not bad, considering the image where I started.

I couldn’t record in Croatia, somehow we never got a recording with sound and video. If I am invited to another such event, I’ll buy a strong enough notebook and test the setup before the trip. But aside from this it was fun and I met a lot of interesting people, most of them connected with the Croatian Linux Group “HULK”.

I recommended Akkana Peck’s book “Beginning GIMP: From Novice to Professional”. It’s the best book about GIMP I have seen up to now. If you buy via, use the link on her site.

You can find the files used in this episode at the usual place.


00:19 Takeoff!
04:30 The problem image
05:50 Look at the histogram
06:33 Try adjusting the curves
07:25 Levels tool
08:50 - Manual adjustment
13:53 - Auto adjustment
14:53 - Pick the points
17:50 Curves tool
19:45 Layers
19:53 - Overlay mode
21:12 - Burn mode
23:40 Comparing the images
26:03 Further tweaking
27:02 - reducing the effect using a layer mask
30:29 The End
TOC made by paynekj

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