Meet the GIMP #59: Motion captured in colours

Posted in Graphics on April 25, 2009

Meet the GIMP #59: Motion captured in colours

After you saw the results of my camera metering and contrast range experiment I show you a way to capture motion in colours.

An image consists out of three channels - red, green and blue. If you combine a channel of each of three shots made at different times into one image, you can get results like these and much stranger stuff.

This method is also known under the name of Harris shutter.

I got the inspiration from Diana Thater, who had an exhibition here in the Bremen Kunsthalle in 2004.

If you found out about the contrast range of your camera, please post the results here in the comments!


Camera calibration for the simple zone system 1:22
Using the histogram dialog 4:00
Please report your results 13:00
Diana Thater 13:50
Combining three images for a motion series 15:15
Registering with layer mode “difference” 18:15
Checking for rotation 20:00
Cropping 21:00
Decomposing and recombining 23:20
Working in monochrome 28:30

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