Meet the GIMP #60: Divide!

Posted in Graphics on April 25, 2009

Meet the GIMP #60: Divide!

Today I have a mixture of 3 topics for you. An other try to tackle the basics of the Zone System, a way to choose the right way through the maze of different ways to tackle a problem in Gimp and a method to counter vignetting and light falloffs with a layer in divide mode.

Before one of you comments about making vignettes: Just invert the mask and you have a vignette. Looks fine with a lot of images and John Arnold uses them all the time.


Setting display options 0:30
Zone System Philosophy 3:24
How to chose a way to tackle a problem in Gimp 10:20
Correct a vignette or light falloff 18:22
Using burn mode to emphasize colours 23:30

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