Meet the GIMP #69: Burn and Dodge

Posted in Graphics on April 28, 2009

Meet the GIMP #69: Burn and Dodge

I had talked bad about the Burn and Dodge tool in episode 66. Here I try to use it and show my method in comparison.

[This was added on Oct 30:]

And I still think my method of putting a transparent layer in overlay mode on top and painting on that in white or gray is better than this tool.

My method can even be adapted to work only on shadows, highlights or midtones - just like the Dodge and Burn tool. It’s a bit more complicated…. 

You can see a very good result of this technique from Xavier at Retouche Libre.

The show starts with a call for help. We need more people on this project who can give input, coordinate and organize. And I am really not looking for people that I can push around - I do that all day at school with the kids.


00:20 Hello from Rolf and requesting assistance with Meet The Gimp
06:00 The dodge and burn tool
06:34 - the origin of dodge and burn
08:00 - using an overlay layer instead (Episode 10)
09:49 - the built-in tool
12:50 - it’s destructive
14:23 Dodge and burn using overlay layers
14:49 - make the layers
16:33 - set up the layer masks
22:08 What’s coming in future episodes
23:24 The End
TOC made by paynekj

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