Meet the GIMP #70: It’s dripping drops

Posted in Graphics on April 28, 2009

Meet the GIMP #70: It’s dripping drops

This week you see how to create drops of water while staying dry at your computer. Again starting with a view on nature Philippe shows what a drop of water does to the light and emulates this from scratch with GIMP.

At the end you are in for a surprise gift - it costs you just a download.

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The TOC:

00:50 Studying nature

04:50 Setting up background and texture

07:00 Setting ilumination

07:50 Giving a shape to the drops

10:10 Creating new layers

11:50 Selecting alpha channel

12:20 Filling and blurring the effects layers

15:40 Moving and cutting highlights and shadows

18:20 Displacing the background texture

20:35 Over sharping  texture

22:30 Tuning highlight and specular reflection

34:05 Bonus (The file in question is in the companion zip archive)

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