Meet the GIMP #72: A Letter from Max

Posted in Graphics on April 30, 2009

Meet the GIMP #72: A Letter from Max

Today we have a guest on the “from scratch” slot. Max from Munich shows ho to make an envelope like this one. His Homepage is at


(Times are coming up)

Texture for paper
Link to the original PS tutorial PSDTUTS (Vintage Fifties Letter)
Gimpressionist for paper texture
Airmail border pattern
Pattern fill from clipboard
Make the border
Grunge on the border with Plasma
Create a stamp
Make the perforation with a spaced paint brush
King Wilber on the stamp
Creating a rubber stamp
Waving lines with the Curve Bend filter
Smushing the ink stamp
Font from “”
Aging the letter with a bump map
Use in a web logo

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