Meet the GIMP #73: Layers

Posted in Graphics on April 30, 2009

Meet the GIMP #73: Layers

This week Rolf tries to explain layers, the layers dialogue  and layer modes. The image on the left is a result of a little play with layers: a layer with a screen shot of GIMP was duplicated, set to “Grain Extract” mode, shifted two pixels to the left and top and than duplicated again. Looks nice - but why?

Layers are an important tool in image manipulation. You can isolate different parts of an image with layer masks and so avoid negative consequences of your actions to other parts of the image. And you can play work with different layer modes to achieve effects from a little contrast manipulation to complex changes.

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00:30 The helpers
03:18 The TOC Project - Help Kevin!
05:10 Layers
05:20 What’s an image?
07:00 Alpha Channel
08:30 Locking a layer
08:50 Layer modes
10:20 Documentation at
13:10 Tips in the forum: Contrast reduction
17:10 Visibility toggling
18:00 Changing  the layer order
18:40 Protect the alpha channel
19:00 Creating new layers
20:40 Layer masks
23:30 Showing and disabeling layer masks
24:15 Text layers
26:40 Editing a text layer
27:30 Loosing the text properties
29:00 Learning by doing

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