Meet the GIMP #74: Wrap 10, Philippe!

Posted in Graphics on April 30, 2009

Meet the GIMP #74: Wrap 10, Philippe!

Philippe takes a forum thread about “texture wrapping” and turns it into a tutorial. During the process he got a real nice tree bark.

With texture wrapping you can give a flat texture the look of being on the surface of a 3-dimensional body. This is the domain of Raytracers and 3D programs like Blender. But for that you need a mathematical model of the body in question. This is not available in photographies.


00:50 - Concept
02;50 - Forum discussion
05:00 - Accentuating value contrast
06:10 - Choosing and resizing a texture
08:20 - Masking
16:10 - Giving volume to the texture
22:00 - Setting layer mode and tuning
22:40 - Enhancing the shadows using a contrasted color channel

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