Meet the GIMP #75: Urban Paradise (1)

Posted in Graphics on April 30, 2009

Meet the GIMP #75: Urban Paradise (1)

This is the first of two episodes about the complete work on an image. It’s pretty slow, because Rolf is slow on thinking with a thick head from a cold.

The image is from a not so nice part of the town and it shall finally show a certain lost atmosphere. But for that he needs a plan.

Following advice from Vincent Versace’s book “Welcome to Oz” he makes some maps over the image to find a crop and to get the light and contrasts right. The crop is found at the end of the episode, the lighting will follow next week.

If you want to work ahead - the original image with all the work done up to now is in the downloadable companion file. See the top of this posting for a download link.


00:45 How I made the image
02:20 Selecting the image
06:50 Making a plan
09:30 Defining a crop
13:40 Cropping help with a black bar
16:10 Looking for tilt and deformation
17:00 Cromatic abberation
17:45 Zoom memory
18:00 Lighting issues
22:00 Rotating on a separate layer
26:10 Making the crop
31:10 The second crop
33:15 Locking the layers
33:35 Good bye

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